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Pros: 5G connectivity on Sprint's network. Excellent audio quality. Cons: First-generation 5G modem. Battery life is just okay. Unpredictable software updates. Pros: Ultra-rugged build.

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Excellent call quality. Three-year warranty. Cons: Weak vibration feature. Lackluster camera.

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Terms of use. Apple iPhone XS Max. Google Pixel 3. Google Pixel 3a. Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung Galaxy S10e. Motorola Moto G7 Power.

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Apple iPhone 7. LG V50 ThinQ. Sonim XP3. Pros: Huge, awesome screen. Cons: Expensive.

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Read Review. Get Our Best Stories! How to Snap the Best Selfies. The 13 Coolest Features in iOS See More. OnePlus 7 Pro. The Best Phones for How to Download YouTube Videos. Amazon's Echo Lineup: What's the Difference? Google Pixel 3 Review. Just be forewarned: its cameras aren't the best, even though a post-release update improved the situation somewhat. We've heard conflicting reports on whether or not a new iPhone SE is really on its way. Regardless, if you're in the market for a small phone, or perhaps a first phone for a child, the current model is still a great choice.

Equipped with Apple's A9 chipset, the same one that powers the iPhone 6S, the SE packs a decent punch in its 4-inch frame. It also benefits from the 6S' camera system as well, although it misses out on 3D Touch technology in the display. So you want a cheap smartphone, but you don't want to skimp on battery life. Fortunately, with the Moto E4 Plus , you don't have to. This 5. That places the E4 Plus in the top tier of handsets with the longest battery life.

Fortunately, the rest of the package isn't too shabby either. You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM, and although the hardware is optimized for efficiency rather than power, it handled most applications and tasks with ease when we put it through its paces. With an all-metal design, fingerprint sensor, solid megapixel rear camera and accurate p display, the E4 Plus is a cheap phone that doesn't feel like it. Tom's Guide. Photo Credit: Tom's Guide. Apple iPhone X The most exciting phone of and one of the most expensive , the iPhone X pairs Apple's blazing-fast A11 Bionic processor — a chip that puts its Qualcomm-powered Android contemporaries to shame — with a bold new design featuring a form-fitting display, minimal bezels, and the best OLED panel you'll find anywhere.

Big Four direct customers get priority when networks are congested, whereas MVNO customers may see slower speeds. Though Verizon Wireless has the best-performing network across the U. When you shop for a new plan, you should first check which carriers perform well in your area. The competition between cell phone providers is fierce, and services are constantly changing their plans and prices in attempts to one up each other — something comparison shoppers can take advantage of.

Every year, more people get smartphones, smartphones get smarter and, no surprise, we use more data. In , Ericsson published its annual Mobility Report , which found that North Americans use an average of 5. Some use much more, but most people only need about 3 to 5 gigabytes, accounting for Wi-Fi use. If you have a family plan, do this for everyone on the account, as some plans count your data in aggregate, while others count data per phone line. If you use less than 5GB per line on average, you can probably find a better deal that fits your needs. If you often use your data plan to stream content, especially at high resolutions, you probably need an unlimited plan, as streaming applications are notorious data hogs.

You can also turn off Wi-Fi assist for iPhones and background data usage for Android, use free public Wi-Fi and disable video autoplay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Usually, you can keep your own phone even if you switch carriers, as most cell phone companies allow you to bring your own device to a new plan. There are a few things that could impede this, however, including carrier-locked devices and different cellular technologies. Some carrier-purchased smartphones have a software lock in place that prevents them from working with any other carrier.

Factory unlocked phones do not have this problem, nor do many phones from Verizon. Your phone may have a lock if it was purchased through your carrier or if you chose a specific carrier when purchasing your phone from the manufacturer. To unlock your phone to use with a different carrier, you may need to wait a set amount of time after buying your cell or pay off the phone in full.

After unlocking your phone, make sure your device is compatible with the network you want to switch to. Within the U.

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Traditional cell phone plans operate on a postpay basis: You use your cellular service for the month and are billed for how many minutes and messages you racked up and how much data you used during the billing cycle. Prepaid plans, offered by carriers such as Metro by T-Mobile and Google Fi, have customers pay their bills prior to receiving service for the month. Some do this through prepaid service cards, while others operate online or through stores, similar to their postpaid counterparts. Both styles of cellular service have their strengths. For example, traditional service offers better deals and payment options for new phones.

Also, postpaid plans tend to have extras or freebies, while prepaid plans rarely have perks. Still, prepaid plans can save you money compared to plans from the Big Four, and they give you the benefit of knowing exactly how much your phone service costs each month without bill-time surprises. Prepaid plans prevent any unexpected data overage charges. Mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, also offer cheaper service by buying network service wholesale from the Big Four carriers.

Cellular networks all have a threshold for how much data they can handle at any given time.

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If there are too many people on the same network in the same place, it causes network congestion. Think of your data as a car merging onto a freeway; when the network is acting normally, there is little traffic, and the car can merge directly without slowing down. Congestion is like a traffic jam, where more people are trying to get the same amount of data through the network at the same time.

According to a report released by First Orion , fraudulent calls have increased drastically, from 3. Spam calls are projected to make up nearly 50 percent of all mobile traffic in the U. Many of these calls appear to come from local numbers, a practice called "neighborhood spoofing" spammers use to trick you into thinking the call might be important.

Often, these calls appear to come from legitimate phone numbers, which are temporarily hijacked. These spoofed numbers are also a large part of why many call blocking techniques are ineffective at stopping the onslaught of robocalls, as many call-blocking tools only prevent calls from known spam numbers. Adding your number to the Do Not Call List prevents certain legitimate telemarketers from contacting you but does little to deter illegal calls. If you receive an illegal spam call, hang up. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently called phone providers to arms against robocallers, encouraging adoption of two authentication frameworks designed to catch spam calls before your phone rings.

In an announcement on Nov. Each is vying for its own first: Verizon was the first to roll out 5G for home use in four cities and exclusively sells the Motorola Moto Z3, which was advertised as the first 5G-ready phone. This requires infrastructure in the form of new 5G cells, which the FCC recently protected against prohibitive upkeep fees. Mobile customers on 5G networks should see faster download times and overall better network performance, but the tech benefits more than just smartphones, including smart devices, self-driving cars and virtual reality.

With 5G only just rolling out, we can expect to see more developments over the next few years. Read more: What is 5G? It is the most recent published report on the state of wireless networks in the U. Mobile network providers are currently expanding their infrastructure and investing in widespread network improvements in preparation for 5G rollouts.

Verizon Wireless, in particular, has taken advantage of the transitional period.

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In the past, the two network-reviewing companies have published seemingly contradictory reports on U.