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Quick and easy to install. Great card for the money. Arrived promotly. Add to cart. Cheaper than buying a phone at Us.

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It works great and everything transferred smoothly. See All Buying Options. Currently unavailable.

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It was everything it said it was. It arrived a day early, and I got it hooked up with U. Cellular with no problem, that day.

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One of the best products I have bought off Amazon. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. A perfect phone for everything you could ever want to do weather at home or on the go, unlocked us gsm 4gb of storage and 1gb of ram and the display is awesome thank Motorola for such an affordable mini tablet. In Stock. It is very easy to set up the line. You can pick your plan that best fit for you. I was only interested on data, so it was great for me to find a cheap plan. Coverage is great near big cities but gets poorer when you move to the country area. I haven't owned a Galaxy phone since the Galaxy Nexus.

This is my 5th phone in the last 6 months. I really liked the LG V20 for it's cameras and the Axon 7 for it's front facing speakers. The 6P and One Plus 3T were so smooth. But I decided to trade it all in for the S8.

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I was initially going to get a Google Pixel, but prices were still high and besides the camera, not much appealed to me. I like the size. Fits perfectly in my hands. I don't think I will go back to a 6" phablet phone. The screen is vibrant. I get a little more than a full day of battery life off of it as a moderate user. If you can, definitely give this phone a try, you will not be disappointed! Made for artists!

Or everyday creative ppl! The issues I have had were upon getting my phone.

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Before I had it in hand, the store rep tried, unsuccessfully to move my Now I am having the issue of my phone not being able to use the fingerprint sensor Lastly, I bought my phone during US Cellular's half off sale, and used the zero financing Hoping the factory reset fixes my security issues because all in all, I really love LG products and this is my favorite so far!

If not for the issues, I would have 5 stars I purchased this phone about 3 months ago and so far I love it! The cons I have encountered so far are that the settings are so embedded into the phone that even the associates at US Cellular cannot fix my issues. First issue I had was I lost the notification for a missed call.. Now the issue I am having is I have a series of beeps before my phone will make a call, I have no idea why this started happening and I cannot find I replaced a Samsung J7 version with the Stylo 4 and it was a great replacement!

US Cellular doesn't tell you up front that it is not capable of WIFI calling on it's network, so I am stuck in a long term contract with sketchy service in my home. Anywhere else it is great service, but not my home. Other carriers do support WIFI calling on this phone.

Adding a Gb micro SD card definitely boosted my phones speed and ability to play movies, listen to music and upload web I always liked LG phones. The V30 plus gives great performance and is equal in quality to the Apple Xr but is half the cost. Love Android. I also think the recording and play back features are amazing.

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I used to own an LG G2 cellphone. It has two great cameras and the battery lasts me all day with a bit of mixed usage. Has lots of storage and even more if you buy an SD Card! I love this phone none the less but I just wished the software upgrades wouldn't have taken so long. I've always been an LG fan.

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No other phones for me. The Stylos have been a personal favorite of mines for quite some time. The Stylo 4 though I would say is a stable for LG's affordable phones. My little cousin swears by hers and thinks the Stylo 4 is better then the LG V40 even! I expected excellent features on it to be on the LG G7 THINQ but was disappointed that it didn't have the double tap on fingerprint sensor screenshot shortcut, doesn't have the notification bar slide down with Nevertheless that isn't a shortcoming of this phone it still stomps the Stylo 4 and all other phones in the market for that matter.

I freaking love this phone and it's features the camera take jaw dropping photos allowing full control for picture perfect photos. The processor is super fast no lagging the RAM allows for multi tasking it's just an all around great phone. I figured if this phone is this good then the other model would be great also.

I get a good 5 to 6 hours of screen on time, my phone comes off the charger at 6am and by the time I go to bed at 10pm with 5 hours of screen on time I still have 30 or so percent battery. The reason I got this and my other is because I had a Google pixel 2xl which I really liked except for no headphone jack and no micro SD support. Since the pixel 2xl The camera is great and the sound quality you can't beat. Other than that, it's just an average phone.

Screen is nice, but not top notch, performance is ok, camera is ok. Prepaid customers can begin enjoying the convenience of managing their account online, adding funds and setting up Auto Pay. Plans with unlimited talk, text and all the data you need with no contract, no credit check and no overages.

Find your closest U. Make sure your device has the latest approved software to get the most out of your wirelesss experience. For assistance, dial from your U.

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