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Producer: HeroCraft. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x In your tiny device fits an entire farm to creamery, wells, bakeries, cows, sheep and a host of other buildings and animals. Its prosperity will depend solely on your abilities and skills. You will supervise and organize all the production stages of your farm: feeding and breeding of animals, gathering and processing of products, sales of manufactured goods, purchase of new equipment and even farm protection from predators!

Fun and simple game play, full of good humor, a lot of funny animals, bright graphics and bright colors - all this does not leave indifferent neither child nor his parents. At each of the 48 levels of play to perform certain task, to cope with it in the allotted time, you are sure to get an additional award or title. Jewel bubbles 2. Producer: Inlogic. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x Test your tactical skills in brand new turn-based modes, this classic game with exploding bubbles!

Multiple levels with different challenges and new combinations of explosions. Complete all levels and get a bonus surprise. Jewel Bubbles back, becoming even better and getting an exciting new twist! At this time you can test your tactical skills in this all-new single-step mode, test their strategic skills, using new combinations, as well as get an unexpected bonus when passing all levels.

Producer: NET Lizard. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x To check the " Dead reactor " has been sent detachment of special purpose. During the next session , suddenly there was machine gun fire and the chilling cry of " Die bitch! Oh God! They are everywhere! It started again ". Followed by harrowing screams, then silence. Relationship ended Because the messages are no longer reported in the exclusion zone - was sent to a special liquidator , carrying out a similar mission earlier.

Objective: to save the survivors and eliminate the threat of anomalies. Revival Deluxe. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x Here are created from scratch mighty empire, suddenly collapsing prosperous state dies and rises again science, do not stop the fierce war, earned and in no time lost billions of dollars in capital. Having endured uninterrupted battle for a place under the sun, here you can truly enjoy the absolute power..

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Investigation of the huge continents and even whole planets, the erection of towns, develop science and exploring new technologies, maintaining economic balance and a bloody expansion to capture the universe - everyone will find it to taste. Invincible general or inborn diplomat, the talented economist or crafty politician - you choose your destiny. Revival: but for how many years you've persuaded to half-naked savages build a spaceship? Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x You cut in when long negotiations did not give a desired result.

Your way of solving the problem is a short burst of fire, your argument is pulling the trigger, your goal is finding and eliminating the enemies. You are the last hope of the government for a quick and clear solution of this kind of problems. You are military elite and the problems you solve are terrorism problems!

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. Producer: Gameloft. Genre: Racing games. You have to show your driving skills against the strongest opponents in 11 different cities in 55 different racing. Jurassic Park. Genre: Action games , Shooters games , Java Games.

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Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x This is the official game of the film, which was the most exciting and popular telling of the great animals - dinosaurs. Explore the tropical jungles, rivers and buildings of the island Nublar.

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You waiting for a desperate struggle against poachers and mercenaries. You will encounter the terrible dinosaurs and other predators. In the game you can get a bonus for passing a level and gain control over the angry T-Rexom or evade his pursuit by car. During the game you will fall hunters to dinosaurs, some of them are friendly, and some are deadly. Genre: Action games , Java Games. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x In this era of a hero, and his path starts on the ashes that remained of the native population.

Connor, a native of Mohawk tribe, who is fighting for freedom and justice! At his disposal a large Arsenal, which includes the Tomahawk and the famous assassin's blade. Ahead of exciting adventures, journey to the ancient Boston and new York, as well as large-scale naval battles. Monsters University.

Play as Bob and Sally and do everything to get out of a difficult situation, explore 10 levels in different locations on campus. Beautiful graphics, humor and funny music completely give the animation. Fast and Furious 6. Genre: Racing games , Java Games.

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Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x Kingdoms and Lords. Genre: Strategy games , Java Games. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x Otstroyte it again as soon as possible and prepare to confront troops until the war came to your land. But, apparently, it's getting serious Dark King again takes the reins in his hands, he wants to subjugate all the land on the continent.

Alien Quarantine.

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Genre: Action games , Shooters games , Java Games. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x You have to overcome a wide range of complex issues, both within the spacecraft and on the burning of the red planet.

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Unlock powerful weapons and remember, you never know what lurks in the dark. Life-and-death struggle! You have to fight with the countless hordes of nightmarish creatures of the cosmos. Beat them - your only chance to survive! As seasoned mercenary, you have a grueling battle in space ships and distant planets. Choose weapons and prepare to wandering in darkness Who knows what lurks in it? Win trophies, upgrade your car, buy new cars. Many beautiful and popular cars waiting in the driver, a fast ride around the world!

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Resolution: x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x , x International summit on security, open in Hawaii, is thwarted when a terrorist organization rushes at him and takes hostages present world leaders. In the role of the U.

Free 240x320 Touchscreen Mobile Games

A Good Day to Die Hard. John McClane arrives in Moscow to rescue from prison, his erratic son, but a cool head and iron muscles get stuck in the web of Russian reality. The case, which got involved in McClain, Jr. You have to fight for the salvation of all mankind!