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Secondly, with the display scaling as it is, text readability on web pages might be an issue because of the small font sizes, unless you specifically zoom in on the text. This could be a tad annoying for anyone who hoped that the bigger screen would mean better readability.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra review

Stylus: Every pen is your stylus! This does bring up an interesting question - can I use a stylus with the phone? The answer is yes - any pencil or ball point pen will work as the stylus. While Sony has been fairly tightlipped about the technology it is using, there are two important aspects that make this possible - the touch panel is placed on the same layer as the LCD, which negates the need for any sensors to detect stylus input. And secondly, to enable the use of a variety of writing instruments as a stylus, the screen has been coated with the super hard coat ASF to prevent scratches from the inevitably heavy input from makeshift styluses.

We used a ball point pen, and the response was absolutely consistent and surprisingly smooth. Use the handwriting method to type out an SMS, and bad handwriting inconsistencies aside, the input was detected without fail. Performance: Life moves fast.

Xperia Z Ultra - The slim, large screen smartphone from Sony

This phone moves faster! The Xperia Z Ultra is the biggest smartphone we have ever reviewed, and easily the most powerful as well. This is the first phone with the 28nm Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core Krait cores, which offer higher clock speeds than Krait processor clocking at 2.

And this is the first phone that we are testing with the Adreno graphics. It is not a surprise that the performance of the Xperia Z Ultra is blazing fast.

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The benchmark tests peg this processor as the fastest among all, and is as expected, much faster than the Snapdragon on the HTC One and the Exynos octa-core processor that the Galaxy S4 struts around with. To give you an idea of how the system benchmarks compare, you can check out the graphs here.

But, as was the case with the Exynos 5 and even the Snapdragon , you will not feel there is that extra headroom in most daily tasks on the phone - the usual social networking apps, video playback, music, etc,.

It is only when you are gaming that will you notice the lesser load times. In terms of gaming, the Adreno is a beast in its own league. There is no doubting the reality that the Xperia Z Ultra is the fastest smartphone available in India, at the moment, by far. But, it is a pity that a wide demographic of potential users will not be able to enjoy the extremely powerful hardware, because of the form factor. Waterproof: We tested, and it survived! We are, not for one moment doubting what Sony is saying about the IP ratings for this phone.

But, just to give you a visual experience of the claims, we dipped the Xperia Z Ultra in water for around 3 minutes, with a video playing back on it. And the phone emerged from its bath, alive and kicking. The only little thing that you will have to do is wipe the display, otherwise it tends to behave rather erratically. Also, the pressure from the water is sometimes registered as a touch input, as you can see when the video skipped in the timeline as the phone was being transferred under water.

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We have been using the phone since then, and it is performing as if nothing has happened. Just to be on the safe side, always double check if the memory card slot, SIM slot and the charging port - all have the water proof covers properly bolted on. Camera: A case of two halves While you would imagine that the latest flagship would have the newer camera technology seen in the Xperia Z, the Z Ultra still rocks the older-gen 8MP Exmor R sensor, and there is no flash. Clearly, Sony does not want this to be the ultimate camera phone in the lineup, and neither does it want to lag behind too far, at least on the specs.

The snapper interface is pretty similar to what we have seen on the recent Xperia phones, and for the upgrading demographic, the familiarity aspect remains. The 8MP mode clicks pics with a x pixel resolution, but with HDR active, this gets bumped down to 7MP with the x pixel resolution. Why we call this a case of two halves is because the camera is quite acceptable when the lighting is good, but just disappoints when the darkness falls.

If you look at the shot of the flower and the leaf with the water droplets, the detailing, crispness and colour richness is very good. Why downgrade? After one year, it reaches that price point anyways! The you can resell to other parts of the world. Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Aggrey Ingutia Jun 3, on Gadgets Recommends. I first bought this phone in September but unfortunately after two months,it was stolen tho I tried tracking it but all was in vain. I bought a used one from OLX.

Is it possible for me to get this phone direct from your shops and at how much.

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M not letting it go soon coz its still my favorite phone come rain come sunshine. To me Sony Xperia Z Ultra is everything and its the only phone that suits my requirements. Sony Xperia Z Ultra News. Android 5. Sony Xperia Z devices with Android 4. Building a leading media company out of India. And,grooming new leaders for this promising industry. Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Screen Size 6. Digit Rating Design Good. Specifications User Reviews.

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