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You can also look for treasure chests, where you could turn up more coins. There's also a mini game where you need to guess what Tom is wearing, which is quite fun, especially for younger players. However, some may find the process of constantly giving attention to the cat a little tedious and repetitive. What do you think about My Talking Tom? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description.

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More interactive than ever My Talking Tom retains the same basic functions as the Talking Tom Cat app, but takes things a bit further, giving you much more to do , and casting you more in the role of carer. How's he looking? Download My Talking Tom. Since Tom is a cat, he has to eat, relax, play and bite.

Eat first. To keep Tom in the kitchen, select the "knife and fork" icon at the bottom of the screen and sit at the table. Pick your favorite dishes and drag and drop them into Tom's mouth don't worry, Tom's mouth is too wide, he can eat anything. You can adjust Tom's diet by giving him a variety of foods such as fruit, soda, milk, cake, meat, etc. After the food period in the refrigerator, you have to buy food from the store. More nutritious foods help Tom not go hungry, but he is also more expensive.

For example, the pastries will cost more than three carrots.

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After a while, Tom's cleaning time will be shortened. If you need to bathe Tom by pressing the bathroom sign. If Tom doesn't feel too uncomfortable make sure to bring him to the bathroom regularly. You can take Tom into the toilet, he closes the door and the rest will work. That game is shown by the humor aired "noisy". If you want, you can "break" Tom's secret by trying to open the toilet door. Unlike My Talking Tom 2, there are several types of bath soap that you can choose for Tom. You can use as many as you like.

It is so funny to see Tom trapped in a soap bubble. The biggest difference between My Talking Tom 2 is that the game has a healing function.

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No one is permanently healthy, eventually, Tom will get sick called Bubo. Do not worry! Click on the drug cabinet and select the type of drug for the boobs. There are no treatment tips, but each owl can be healed differently so you can experiment. Before you finish the game, it's Tom's bedtime. If not, you want to play with Tom sometimes, but you can't because he is too tired and you have to wait a bit to sleep.

Tom is an insensitive act. He can play all day without being bored. You can swim in the stomach to break Tom or defeat Tom. This is also a way to earn very effective coins.

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Play with your new virtual best friend Tom in his cool free game and go on the adventure of your life! He reacts to everything you do and there are new surprises every day! Watch him grow from a baby to a big happy cat!

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When he gets a booboo, go to the medicine cabinet and make the poor little guy feel better. Tom now has a box full of toys and they all make him happy! Try spinning him, dropping him, or throwing him.